Green Book
(Printed on: February, 2011)

S.No Chapters Names Contents
Cover Page,Preface,Foreward,Map,Contents pdf
1 The Intitute pdf
2 Emblem and Invocation pdf
3 Administration and Faculty pdf
4 Acdemic session and Term calender pdf
5 Disciplines and Major Fields of Specialisation pdf
6 Admission of Students pdf
7 Fees and other Charges pdf
8 Academic Requirements for course and Research work pdf
9 Examination system pdf
10 Seminars pdf
11 Relief from the Post Graduate school pdf
12 Convocation and Award of Degrees pdf
13 Medals pdf
14 Awards pdf
15 Scholarship/Fellowship pdf
16 Utilisation of the Contingent Grant pdf
17 The Institute Library pdf
18 The Students’ Hostel pdf
19 The Post Graduate School Students’ Union pdf
20 The Students’ Welfare Fund pdf
21 Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities pdf
22 Short-term Training Courses pdf
1 Agricultural Chemicals pdf
2 Agricultural Economics pdf
3 Agricultural Engineering pdf
4 Agricultural Extension pdf
5 Agricultural Physics pdf
6 Agricultural Statistics pdf
7 Agronomy pdf
8 Biochemistry pdf
9 Bioinformatics pdf
10 Computer Application pdf
11 Entomology pdf
12 Environmental Sciences pdf
13 Genetics pdf
14 Horticulture pdf
15 Microbiology pdf
16 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology pdf
17 Nematology pdf
18 Plant Genetic Resources pdf
19 Plant Pathology pdf
20 Plant Physiology pdf
21 Post Harvest Technology pdf
22 Seed Science and Technology pdf
23 Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry pdf
24 Water Science and Technology pdf
25 Other Compulsory Courses pdf